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FRKF09 - FREAK FRONT 14" FREAK Linear Porting


Freak Barrel Fronts

Expand the versatility of your Freak Barrel System with a new Freak Front. The Freak® barrel a 5″ inserts to provide performance with minimum weight and drag on the paintball. 


Freak Linear Porting – Freak Front

The linear porting of the Freak Front guides the paintball to its flight path while linear air compensating ports allow air pressure in front of and behind the paintball to equalize for a smoother transition to its final trajectory.

The linear porting arrangement and oval porting in the tip dissipates turbulent air quickly and efficiently to prevent paintball deformation and turbulence to insure shot after shot accuracy.

Gently contoured reinforcement ribs keep the Freak Front lightweight up extremely rigid. This sleek design is a favorite of players in and out of the woods.

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