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AAMF11 - FREAK Front 16" All American Spiral Porting


Freak Barrel Fronts

Expand the versatility of your Freak Barrel System with a new Freak Front. With several colors and sizes to fit your playing style, a new Freak front can change the whole dynamics of your game.

All American Spiral Porting

Choose the original spiral porting that started it all! Originally launched in 1989 as one of the very first paintball barrel porting designs, this legendary configuration is still winning games today. 

Trusted by some of the legends of Paintball and loved by new players alike, All American Porting offers a consistent shot with a minimal sound signature designed to deliver accurate shot after shot. 

An ultra-high polish internal bore helps shed broken paint and debris when things go wrong and keeps paint flying true and consistent without imparting hook or lateral spin to the ball. 



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